The other day, while I was taking a walk within my hours, one of my sneakers lace’s my broke, thank goodness that the lace was quite long and I was able to fix myself so I would not have to go home to change my shoes. Nothing because it was not too close to home. I think it had been years since I walked as long and as often as I do today because of having been locked up in my house for the last two months. People on the street more or less comply with what is requested, but it must also be said that there are quite a few people who do not protect themselves enough to walk around. For example, personally when I go for a walk I already do it in areas where there is usually not a lot of traffic, I have always liked to walk in places where there are few people since I do not like to see myself too much observed.

Not so many days ago I was fortunate enough to be in the sun for a long time before sunset, where I have lived since they let us out for a walk is not that the weather was too good, so that sun suited me very well. It was a better feeling than being allowed to go for a walk, which was something I had been waiting for a long time. I still have not been able to visit all the streets of the kilometer around my house but there is an area that at first you have to go down but that later I will have to go up and that is something that today is not what I want too.

I have to say that in order not to have done too much sport while we were confined in our houses, my body does not notice it much, I spend a lot of time walking and in my city there are many slopes and I was surprised that I did not get tired faster, yes, I feel tired in lumbago, but when I get home I do some stretching and the problem is solved.

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