Elegance is in the details 

I remember that when I was very young, I couldn’t stand shoes, my mother saw them and wanted them to put me on shoes: I only wanted sports shoes or, as they say in my land, ‘beachgoers’. But who was going to tell me that over time he was going to be a shoe freak to the point of almost addiction. In this fashion, as in many areas, there are still many clichés. The love for shoes is always associated with women, but this is not always the case, far from it: I am a good example of this.

It was after the graduation party in high school that I began to see shoes with different eyes. My mother went with me to buy them and it was from that moment that I changed my mind. You couldn’t go to that party with beachwear, I also agreed, so I bought new ones and got a job: I looked so elegant that I didn’t want to know anything more about my sneakers and tracksuits.

Since then I have become a fan of shoes. Such is my hobby that I can research the waxed or polished shoelace dealer who designs the laces for every shoe that I buy. And it is that the details are very fundamental to offer a high category product.

In fact, the shoemaker’s trade originally stood at the level of the highest artisan trades. And, at first, not everyone could have ten pairs of shoes at home: you had some that should last as long as possible. But in addition to durability, soon the aesthetic aspect also began to be worked on: Italy or England were two countries that took this craft to the next level by bringing it closer to artistic activity.

Nowadays it is clear that everything has become much more standardized, but I am still aware of the type of waxed or polished lace distributor that manufactures the laces of my favorite shoes. And for my most beloved pieces I still consult with a shoemaker who resists in the neighborhood, a trade in danger of extinction.

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