Things you have to do before going for a run

If you are going to go running for the first time, you must prepare yourself well to do it and prevent what can become a good habit from ending up being something of a couple of times of which a painful injury will remain as a memory.

  1. Buy quality socks and shoes. One hundred percent quality cotton socks so that sweat is not a problem and there are no chafing or special socks for running since there are certain artificial fibers that can be as valid as cotton. Do not haggle on the shoes, because you will notice the difference. Good shoes will prevent friction but above all that you can load your knees or ankles and injure yourself. Let yourself be advised by professionals and you will see that it is money very well invested. By the way, always buy them in store to make sure how they fit you, how much they weigh and that they are really comfortable.
  2. Don’t forget to secure the shoelaces. It is not just about having the best footwear, but about securing it well. Buy quality laces like the ones provided by the running lace distributor – XTENEX and you will ensure that the shoes do not move or fall out. And they don’t dance either, being able to hurt you and cause friction.
  3. Plan the training according to your possibilities. It is not only about the time or the distance that you are going to travel, but also about where you are going to do it. Choose a place without cars, with few people, in nature if possible and where you can run safely. Avoid woods, bumpy roads, or overgrown places where you can quickly get injured, especially when you are inexperienced. Don’t forget to bring water, warm up well before you start running and stretch when you finish.
  4. Take care of food. Eating is part of any workout. It won’t be long before you go for a run if this whets your appetite and when you get home you raid the fridge as if there were no tomorrow. Leave adequate protein-rich dishes prepared to help you recover from exercise. But you should not only take care of the food after, but also the meals before running. Going for a run on an empty stomach or after having been eating only salads for days is not recommended and you buy tickets to end fainting.

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