The boy for everything 

When I started working in the studio, I did it as an assistant designer: something like that was called my ‘job title’, but in reality I soon started doing a bit of everything until I officially became ‘the all-around guy’ at the studio. I suppose it will be because I am not very good at anything, nor very bad, so I can be a bit of everything. And I think that my colleagues can no longer live without me, always from here to there, helping in each project.


And it is that the day-to-day life of a studio like ours is crazy: there are few of us and we have too many projects on our hands. Maybe we should sign another collaborator, but we have decided to continue like this because our prices are quite cheap and we want to make room for ourselves. If we had one more person, we would probably lose too much money.

But, for now, we are resisting and we are putting out good projects like the last one in which we designed a packaging campaign for a food company. As always, I did my bit here and there to make the project come together. For example, I had to find a distributor of recyclable ribbon to wrap the boxes and containers.

The client had been very direct and clear with these details: all the materials and elements that were part of the campaign had to be recyclable. And it is that the campaign revolved precisely around the concept of sustainability and they could not afford to use plastics and other materials that were contradictory with the message.

Probably, one of the reasons that led them to trust us was the fact that we had experience in this type of work with unique and recycled materials. We had done very cool things and, in addition, we had good contacts with companies in the sector such as the distributor of Recyclable Material Tape.

However, it was a complex project that required a lot of work on our part and that led me to unfold like few times before. But when the work is satisfactory, the effort is well rewarding, as it was in this case.

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